Behind the Green Door
The Magic of Mystic May

Novel by Yvonne DeBandi

  • A historic family¬† feud.
  • Disturbing ancient prophecy.
  • A curse that will end all peace on earth.


When Mystic May enters the haunted orphanage attic, she begins a magical journey foretold by a four-hundred-year-old prophecy. Years later, she finds herself in HollyVale, surrounded by lies and flooded by seventeenth century dreams about the great Wizard Holly and Seer Vale. Can she unravel the many secrets in time? Or will the sinister gates created with her very first breath be opened, ending all peace on earth.

* * *

Behind the Green Door: The Magic of Mystic May is a delightful urban fantasy novel. If you like intriguing mysteries, spellbinding family dynamics, and fascinating worlds, then you’ll love Yvonne DeBandi’s spin on the legacy of witchcraft and this battle between light and dark.

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