Vortex Visions
Keepers of the Stone

Year Published : 2017

If everyone around you was speaking riddles, could you figure them out in time to save the world?

The hot desert sun wasn’t the only reason Diamond “Didi” Herkimer was sweating bullets, there was a relentless ring of explosive fire pressed against her forehead. The fate of the world hung in the balance of her actions, and time was running out.

Held prisoner, deep inside caves of the Grand Canyon, she was determined not to fail. They had solved the secret map mystery, but the solution presented was yet another series of riddles. Would she live up to the prophecy, fulfill her destiny, and stop the murder of Mother Earth…or was the iron barrel to be her very last vision?

Join Diamond and Joe as they solve the cryptic messages and race against the deadline of the summer solstice full moon.

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