Dawn of Eve
:by Yvonne DeBandi

Year Published:  2015

Eve Wilder was on a mission to discover what killed 99% of the population. So many had died and so fast…

“Horrible, vivid visions flooded my memory as I cut the brush away to clear our path. With each machete strike I could see another terrified lifeless face, another fire, another mass grave site… until finally, Jack and I seemed to be the last ones left. It took a few days to manage the shock but we eventually packed our bags, boarded a motorcycle and got out of town. I had no idea where we were going to go, but one thing was certain…we weren’t staying there.”

Eve has been told she is the key to their survival. She journeys across the Rocky Mountains slowly unraveling a conspiracy of surprising magnitude, an unbelievable rabbit hole designed and orchestrated by a few people in power. Unfortunately something went wrong and now the world is dying.

Join Eve and the team of warriors she meets along the way as they discover the truth. Will they be able to save the human race and heal the earth?

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