I Blame My Sister for my New Fiction Book on Witchcraft

My sister, an amazing artist, got me hooked on the ancestry bug. I was fascinated by our ancestor Mehitable Brabrook Downing in Ipswich, and one of the ten signers of the famous “please release us from prison, for we are not witches” letter. (Okay, that is not actually what it is called in official documentation, […]


Circle of Fire
by Yvonne DeBandi

Circle of Fire by Yvonne DeBandi

Challenge: Write a scene based on the provided photograph. Photo by Swaraj Tiwarifor Written for: FictionFountain.com CIRCLE OF FIRE © Copyright Yvonne DeBandi 2019 It had been a long time since we had a night off. The fact it coincided with the annual lake party thrown by longtime friends was an unexpected bonus. I was […]


First Contact
by Yvonne DeBandi

First Contact by Yvonne DeBandi

Challenge: Write a scene based on the title: “First Contact” Photo by Marko Blažević Written for: FictionFountain.com FIRST CONTACT By Yvonne DeBandi © Copyright Yvonne DeBandi 2019 Baldric, that’s me, named for my courage and bravery. When I first learned the meaning behind the name, it seemed like a lot of unnecessary pressure. I mean, […]


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