I Blame My Sister for my New Fiction Book on Witchcraft

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My sister, an amazing artist, got me hooked on the ancestry bug. I was fascinated by our ancestor Mehitable Brabrook Downing in Ipswich, and one of the ten signers of the famous “please release us from prison, for we are not witches” letter. (Okay, that is not actually what it is called in official documentation, but maybe it should be.) She did this by sending me a historical fiction book based on her life, In the Shadows of Salem, by Donna Gawell (great read!).  Thanks, Forrest!

For those of you that know me, I’m sure you are not surprised that took me down a rabbit hole and into writing a book about witchcraft and magic.  First draft of BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR : The Origin of Mystic May is completed. Just tidying up things.

Looking for comments on the cover design, back cover blurb, and title.  Would you want to pick this up and read it? Thanks for any an all input.  Your support is greatly appreciated. ♥



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