Looking for FIVE Readers – New Book Preview


A book reading that went astray 😀

Them:  Wait, what was that?  Tee parrot port?  What the heck is that?

Me: Tepereport. It means telepathically peregrinate to another port or location. You know… you’re here, blink your eyes and you’re there.

Them: Stop it.  You made that word up.  I don’t think you can do that.

Me: Why not?

Them:  Because.

Me: Because is a made up word too… just not by me. And, it’s fiction.  The whole book is “made up,” why not a word or two?

Looking for five people to read and provide feedback on Behind the Green Door: The Origin of Mystic May before it goes to print!  Any takers?

1) You complete reading it by January 31st.
2) Provide honest feedback, overall or comments inline.
3) Manuscript provided via Google Drive link (must be able to access a Google Drive link).

Cast your vote for a spot in comments below, facebook, or send me a personal message.  Thanks!

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