Wow – I Just Discovered GoodReads. I’m in Book Heaven!


Not sure how this gem of a site got past me before now.  GoodReads is just that, a place where book lovers chime in to let you know which are their favorites.  If you are like me, more books on your list than you have time to crack open, the “Wants to Read” shelf will come in very handy! Plus, many authors hang out there, so you can follow their new works in progress and even ask questions directly.  Loving it.

If you are already on GoodReads, let’s connect.  I’d love a heads up on your favorites — don’t want to miss out on those undiscovered gems or the best sellers that didn’t turn my head at the get go.

Find me here: Yvonne DeBandi on GoodReads . (Pssst… advance thanks for rating my own books you have read, and adding those you haven’t to your bookshelf.)

Still learning my way around the consoles, but so far I am quite impressed.  If you are already on GoodReads, what do you like about it?

If you are not yet a member, check it out.  The price is right too. It’s FREE!

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